Why Hire JKBS

Employees cost money. Wages, payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, retirement benefits and training all add to your operating costs–which is why outsourcing your bookkeeping needs with JK Business Services only makes sense. The expense of aditional manpower and training can weigh down any business. Leave the hassles of sick days and chasing technology behind; call JK Business Services instead.

JK Business Services gives you access to the specialized skills that will help you handle business peaks more effectively, because you pay only for the hours you need. It lets you boost efficiency, overcome temporary backlogs and concentrate on core business, so you can focus on what’s most important — keeping your customers happy.

In today’s networked and globalized economy, outsourcing with JK Business services makes good business sense. The question is not “Why call JK Business Services?” but rather, “Why not?”

What JK Business Services Can Do For You:

JK Business Services offers the following confidential services:

Bookkeeping Systems

We support all Canadian versions of QuickBooks and Simply Accounting. These standard accounting packages include General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory and Payroll services, among others. Estimating, Progress Billing, Time Billing, Purchase Order creation and Multi-Currency transactions are also available.

Training Programs

JK Business Services is pleased to offer a variety of training opportunities. Our clear communication style and helpful tips will have you up and running in no time, even if you are learning the bookkeeping ropes for the first time.

Complete Data Entry and Document Storge

By recording information and expenses in a timely and organized way, you save time and keep valuable resources from falling through the cracks. We can also store your projects securely

New Business Start-Up Consultation

Save time and money by avoiding mistakes that too many business owners learn the hard way — let JK Business Services show you how to operate expertly and efficiently, right from the start.

The Blog:

As a public service to our valued clientele and the general public, JK’s regularly updated blog, written by owner Jennifer Kubilis, is a tremendous source of timely and useful information essential to maintaining the financial health of your business. You’ll find it right here on our website.

The Bottom Line — JK Business Services Makes Your Business More Cost Effective

We provide superior service, competitive rates and flexible scheduling — but that’s not all. As an independent contractor, JK Business Services allows you to reduce the expenses associated with hiring and maintaining permanent employees, and our fees are a tax-deductible expense.

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