Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Kubilis

As the owner of JK Business Services, clients across the Hamilton and Halton regions have come to know her as a trainer, a service provider and proven efficiency expert. Jennifer describes herself as “passionate about bookkeeping”, and that’s hardly a surprise — since 1995, she has made it her business.

After studying business and bookkeeping at Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON, Jennifer launched her career at Monarch Greeting Card Company, an enterprise owned by her father. It was there she developed a love of office work, and working with office machinery in particular. In the years that followed, she worked for various companies and employment agencies on a quest to build her skills, and learn more about the best ways to run a business.

When the recession hit in the early 1990′s, Jennifer found herself unemployed. It was shortly thereafter that she took the plunge as an entrepreneur. “No one was hiring,” she explains, “so I hired myself.”

In the years since, Jennifer’s expertise, attention to detail and out-of-box thinking have made her a boon to other regional owners. Some want to learn more about handling their own financial affairs; others simply want to hand the bookkeeping reins over to a trusted expert. Whatever their needs, they count on Jennifer to tailor a custom bookkeeping solution that will keep their affairs in order.

Dr. Ashley Worobec of Active Sport and Health Centre is one such client. When she launched a new practice earlier this year, she called JK Bookkeeping Services to learn more about managing it effectively. “(Jennifer Kubilis) was very basic in her communication style, which has helped to guide me as this is my first time running a business,” the doctor explains. “Jennifer has thought of many ways to keep me organized, to track my receipts, and so on. She is very accommodating to my unique needs and I plan to have her in every few months to keep the office on track.”

Fellow client Bob Allen of Computer Help Services has also enlisted JK Business Services to do the books at his computer service business each month. “She’s very reliable and competent at solving problems.” He says of Jennifer “(JK Business Services) frees up tons of time, which allows me to spend my time managing the business.” As an accountant himself, Allen knows quality work when he sees it.