Your Place or Mine?

You’ve just subcontracted a bookkeeper to handle your books. Where will the work be done? Your office or theirs? Some bookkeepers like to work at the client’s office and some prefer their own place of work. There are pros and cons to both sides of the coin.

If you want the bookkeeper to work at your office, will you opt for a second workstation? Make sure your budget includes a moderate to high-end office chair. A comfortable chair can go a long way to keeping your bookkeeper happy while sitting for several hours working on your books.

Most likely the bookkeeper already owns a copy of the accounting software, so you can save money by having him work at his own office. Yes, we need the source documents, but there are lots of ways this can be handled – courier, mail, email, or fax, to name a few.

With the bookkeeper working from her office, the work can be done faster and more efficiently. For example, she may be working on your file while you are eating breakfast with your family.

Gasoline prices are skyrocketing! Expect to pay more for a travelling bookkeeper.

Once you’ve decided what will work best for your business, you can be sure you’ll find a bookkeeper who is right for you.

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